Many people do not understand the bail bond process. This can be a challenge when you get a call from someone in jail asking you to bail them out. Whether it is a friend or a relative, you would not want them to stay in a Warren City jail because they did not have bail money. To prepare yourself for this possibility you need to learn more about the bail process. However, if you are not too conversant with it when you finally receive that call, you can also make a call of your own. Get in touch with Detroit Bail Bonds Pros.


The Bail Process

The bail process is simpler than most people think it is. The first thing that happens after the person is arrested is that they are charged with bail. This can be done at the police station using the bail bond rates at the bail bond office in the station. These rates are set up according to the law. Other police stations have a judge who is available on call and they can set the bail remotely. Finally, you might have to wait for an arraignment in court. During this process, your bail amount is also set by a judge. You do not need to have a lawyer present for this.


Getting Bail Bondsman

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Cash bail is not within everyone’s reach. There are people who do not have money ready to bail someone out. If you do not have the money, your friend or loved one should not be forced to spend a day or night in jail. You can approach a bail bondsman. Detroit Bail Bonds Pros is licensed and adheres to all the regulations as set out in Warren City. We provide bail bonds if you do not have the full bail amount to get out of jail. Like every other bail bondsman, we require a premium that is 10% of the full bail amount. We will then put up the full bail amount and ensure that you or your loved one and family members are released from jail. The only condition is that the defendant abides by the terms of their bail.

You will be required to show up to every court hearing on time. If you do not, then the bail amount is forfeited. You will have to part with your valuables or anything else that you used as collateral to secure the bail bond. The bail bondsman will sell them to recoup the amount that they put up for this bail.


Give Us a Call

If you have someone who is stuck in jail and cannot be released because you do not have enough cash to post bail, call us today. Detroit Bail Bonds Pros services Warren city. We will show up immediately you give us a call. Once the premium is paid, we will follow up with the release of the defendant from jail in the shortest time possible. This often depends on how crowded the jail is and how many people are being processed for release.