When your friend or loved one is in jail, you want to do your best to ensure that they are set free and allowed to continue with their normal lives before they have to show up for their court date or hearing. We understand that finding the cash to post the full bail amount can be a challenge and many people feel helpless in such cases. You do not have to. You can contact us today as we offer surety bail bonds.

What Is a Surety Bail Bond?


A surety bail bond, as the name suggests, is a bail bond that is secured by a surety. A bail bond agency will put up the amount required for bail. However, you have to pay a certain percentage of the full bail amount first. In most states, it is set at 10% by the law. Once this non-refundable premium amount is paid, most bail agents still require you to provide some sort of collateral or security to guarantee that the defendant will not flee. This can be in the form of property or any other valuable items such as jewels. After this process, your friend or loved one can be released from jail as the bail bond agent posts the amount.

Do I need Collateral?


In most cases, yes, you do need collateral. When you bail someone out from jail, it means that you have taken it upon yourself to ensure that they show up for every court date on time. Failure to appear in court means that your bail money is forfeited and belongs to the court. When a bail agent posts money for you, they need to know that the defendant is trustworthy. The only way to do this is to offer an assurance that he or she will not run away. When you do not have cash, you can only do this if you provide collateral. That way, if the defendant violates the agreement and the bail agent loses his or her money, they will be able to recoup it from seizing the collateral provided and selling it off.

Will I Get My Money Back?


The 10% premium fee which is a percentage of the full bail amount is non-refundable. It serves as payment to the bail bond agent for the service. However, if you are required to put up any collateral, it only acts as a guarantee. What this means is that, if the defendant attends all the court dates, you get to keep your property whether or not they are found innocent or guilty. If, on the other hand, the defendant flees, you could lose your property. You have two options in this case: to come up with the bail amount in full or to let the agent sell off your property to recoup the bail money that they put up.



If you need some surety bail bond agency, contact us today. We will help you get your friend or loved one out of jail in the shortest time possible.