If you are in Redford City and would like to learn more about bail, then you are in the right place. Detroit Bail Bonds Pros offers bail bonds in the area to help you get out of jail before your court hearing. Usually, you will be required to show up for every court date on time. Failure to do so sends the message that you are trying to flee. In other cases, during bail hearings, the judge will impose added restrictions such as the inability to travel out of the country or even across state lines. If you adhere to the rules of bail, you get to stay free throughout the trial period. On the other hand, the law stipulates that you ought to be arrested if you happen to flee or fail to comply with any of the conditions of your release.


How is Bail Determined?

Bail is determined by the court using various factors. These include:

  •         The law in Redford City. This determines the amount of bail that you are required to pay depending on whether you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor
  •         Your criminal history. Have you committed the same crime before? Do you have an arrest record full of entries? If you have been in and out of court for various crimes, then your bail amount is going to be higher
  •         Your ties to the community. Do you have a stable job? Is your family in town? If you have strong ties then you will pay less than someone else who does not

In addition to this, it is important to note that bail is not always granted. You could be forced to stay in jail if the judge determines that the likelihood of you fleeing is high.


Bail Payment Options

There are three main bail payment options for any case:

  •         Cash payment
  •         Surety bond
  •         Property bond

Most people might not have the cash to secure their release. This leads them to bail bondsmen such as Detroit Bail Bonds Pros where they can get the help they need. This is especially important if you are innocent.  You do not want to stay in jail just because you do not have the cash to get out of jail. You can then pay the premium to the bondsman and then provide collateral or other valuables or property as surety so the bail bondsman can post the full bail amount.


Bail Amount Refunds

Firstly, the premium paid to a bondman is never recovered. This is a profession and people need to earn a living somehow. In the case of bail bondsmen, the percentage of the full bail amount they charge serves as fees for the services they have provided you with.

If, on the other hand, you paid the bail amount in cash, you would be able to recover the money if you show up to every court date and comply with the conditions of your bail. If you do not you forfeit the amount even if you are found to be innocent.