If an illegal alien is found within the boundaries of the country, then he or she is arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The only way they will be released from custody is if the bail set by the authority is posted. We know how immigration issues can be touchy and emotional. We therefore provide immigration bail bonds once you contact us. We ensure that your loved one is released in a short period of time and that you are reunited before the next step which could involve leaving the country or going to trial.

Types of Immigration Bail Bonds


There are different types of immigration bonds which are based on the next step of the immigration process. It is important to note that immigration bail is not automatically granted. If the person is considered a threat to national security or based on their immigration history, bail could be denied. If it is set, there are two types of bail:


  • Delivery Bail Bonds


A delivery bail bond is granted to an illegal immigrant to free them from having to stay in detention. They can reunite with family and friends while waiting for trial or a court date. If they skip any court date, they are rearrested and this amount is forfeited. The fact that delivery bail bond is granted does not automatically mean that the illegal immigrant gets to stay in the country. It only guarantees this until the court hearing.


  • Voluntary Departure Bail Bonds


Voluntary departure bail bonds are offered to individuals who agree to leave the country on their own dime. In this case, the defendant is given a certain period of time to leave the country. If they comply with this, then they can leave the country and the full bail amount will be refunded once they have left. The bail amount is often not refunded immediately to the one who posted it. It is possible that it might take a long time. However, if the defendant does not leave the country within the stipulated period of time, the full bail amount is forfeited.


  • Cash Bail Bonds


Cash bail bonds are as straightforward as the name. In such a case, you or your loved ones raise the amount in cash and post it as bail. You are free to go within a short period of time, that is, after processing and release. If you adhere to the terms of the bail agreement, this amount will be refunded. If you do not, it is forfeited and there are other legal implications such as arrest and detention.


  • Surety Bail Bonds


Surety bail bonds help when the illegal immigrant, the friends and family are not able to come up with the amount needed for bail. In this case, we will only ask for a percentage of the full bail amount as premium. This amount is not refundable. We then post the rest of the amount with the assurance that the illegal immigrant will not violate any terms in their bail agreement.