If you are in Dearborn City and would like to get a bail bond, call Detroit Bail Bonds Pros and get the relief that you need.  Bondsmen come in handy when you do not have cash to post bail or property that you can use for a property bond with the court. Although most state governments disallow private bail bondsmen because of the high prices they charge, Detroit still allows these private bondsmen. This is because the law stipulates the allowable percentage to be charged without taking advantage of the defendant or whoever is posting bail. After all, people go to a bail bond agent because they do not have money in the first place.


What You Need

Whenever you contact Detroit Bail Bonds Pros, you need to have some information that will help the bail bond agent to post bail for the defendant. First, you need the name of the accused and the jail they are in. if it is possible to know the booking number, it would go a long way in ensuring that the process is smoother and faster. However, if you have the name, jail and bail amount, you are good to go. With this information, we will be able to track the defendant and get them released as soon as possible.


Paying Bail

If you contacted a bail bond agent, it means that you do not have enough cash to put up as bail. This is disadvantageous. It means that you will have to pay for the service provided by the agent and that this money is not refundable at the end of the trial period. The higher the amount of bail, the more you need to raise to pay the bail bondsman.

It does help to have a bail bondsman since your friend or loved one will be able to get out of jail in the shortest time possible. Not only does the agent post the full bail amount, they also hasten the process of release because they are skilled and experienced in this.


Conditions of Bail

The conditions of bail are very simple. The defendant should:

  •         Appear in court for all hearings
  •         Get to the courthouse in time for his or her case
  •         Stay within the country or state lines during the trial period. This is dependent on the judge

If the defendant attempts to flee, the bail money is forfeited. If you paid in cash, you do not get a refund. If you used a bail bondsman, your collateral will be auctioned or sold off to recoup the full amount of the bail. The police should also arrest you and take you back to jail for the rest of the trial period.

There are some cases where judges will grant a grace period for the defendant to show up. In this case, the time period allows you to recoup some of the bail money as long as the defendant is located and handed over to law enforcement. In such cases, Detroit Bail Bonds Pros will make use of a bounty hunter to hunt down and catch the defendant.